Settling the Sand

I love the Saturday morning Yoga class that I found at Ganga Flow Yoga in Milford.  The instructor Stacy is not only a great teacher, but she always begins and ends the class with some words of wisdom to reflect on throughout the practice.  Today was about settling the sand…  


Emotions are powerful.  They can dictate our mood and behavior.  So why is it that we put so much energy into negative emotions like anger, fear and anxiety while pushing the positive emotions of love, happiness and amusement to the wayside?  We dwell on these things, let them bring us down, let them effect out health.  Something I know all too well. Not good…  

Stacy had us look at all of these emotions and experiences in our life as grains of sand. There can be so many emotions swirling around chaotically like waves crashing in on the beach.


As the waves hit he beach, it is full of sand and foam making things look murky.  


But then the sand begins to settle and the water gets clearer.


We need to settle our sand, our emotions, and let the water clear.  We can easily become overwhelmed with the negative and forget to see all of the beauty and joy that surrounds us everyday.  Stacy emphasized the importance of taking time throughout the day to pause, reflect, and settle that sand.  All the emotions, both negative and positive, are beneficial and make up who we are.  We just can’t let one or the other overwhelm us because the entire picture is quite beautiful.         


I needed this today since my sand has seemed like it’s been in a hurricane lately.  I found that centering my mind and body with a yoga class like this has already begun to help me find more calm in other areas of my life.  These small tools, like settling the sand, are a great way to bring perspective to tough situations at home, work, school, you name it! The sand won’t always be settled and the water won’t always be clear, but at least I can figure out a way to get back there.

How do you settle your sand? 

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  1. Thank you for your kind words…my heart is full ! I am so glad you gained some insight , this is why I love what I do!
    With gratitude, Stacey

  2. Beautiful words and gorgeous pictures that spoke directly to my soul.
    Lisa recently posted…Rebooting…My Profile

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