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Kona Kase: Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

I consider myself fairly active.  CrossFit, running, cat petting, it’s all requires me to properly fuel my body and I’m always looking for new products to try to see what works best for various activities. So when the folks over at Kona Kase offered me a chance to check out their July Kase, of course I said yes!


Kona Kase is a monthly subscription service brining a variety of nutritional products right to your home.  Founders Taylor and John have a mission at Kona Kase to inspire people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They started the company because they were bored with the same old energy bars day after day and wanted to find new nutrition options for their active lives.  So they went out in search of the best products out there and now want to share that with the world. Super cool!  

Let’s take a look inside July’s Kase:  



This month featured products from Gu, Luna and Kind.  Every Kase is different and you can see what has been sent in the past here.       

I use Gu gels for most of my long runs and I’ve pretty much stuck with the Chocolate Outrage flavor for the past year or so.  But I have to say, I’m getting a little bored with the flavor and the texture of the gels is sometimes hard to handle.  I was excited to see the Gu Chomps in this Kase to try for something different.  



I gave them a try on my run this past Sunday and I actually really liked them!  I had always been hesitant about chewy things, as I thought they would be difficult to get down, but these weren’t. They actually dissolved fairly quickly and the lemon flavor was a refreshing change from the thicker chocolate that I’m used to.  I probably wouldn’t have bought these on my own, but I’m glad I was able to give them a try.  That’s what makes Kona Kase so cool…I love trying new things!  

Each Kase not only includes fuel for your body, but there is also something inspiring to fuel the mind as well.  I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt. 


Want to get a Kona Kase delivered to your home?  Well the rad folks over at Kona Kase want to give YOU $5 off your first Kase!  Just use the code GIFTSUMMER when placing your order…it’s that easy!  Also make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some really inspiring photos and articles!

What is your favorite fuel?  What products would you like to try? 

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Full Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Kona Kase and did not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

9 Responses to Kona Kase: Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

  1. I stick to Honey Stinger and Nuun for fuel and hydration needs. I tried Gu gels and chomps and both made my insides revolt big time.
    Sheena recently posted…Products I loveMy Profile

  2. That package is a great idea! I am always nervous to try new products and not like them (and be stuck with a full box of gross haha). I typically refuel with sport beans, raisins, and Gatorade… nothing crazy haha. I’ve heard good things about Nuun and GU Chomps!
    Britt @ Fit Fit Britt Britt recently posted…Two Weeks In!My Profile

    • You are the 2nd person that has mentioned raisins…I need to add that to my refuel foods. I love any sort of natural foods!

  3. Very cool – I used to have a subscription beauty products service and recently cancelled. I miss having the box of goodies appear this month – so may have to check out Kona Kase!
    Dana recently posted…Blueberry Sour Cream Pound CakeMy Profile

    • I love getting packages, so this would be really fun to look forward to every month! Don’t forget to use the discount code 🙂

  4. the energy chews look great and easy to carry on you. Thanks for sharing!
    Bonnie recently posted…Cash Mob CT at Country Paint and Hardware in North Branford CTMy Profile

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