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Mountain Pie, Outdoor Bathrooms & The Strangest Gift Shop Ever

After our journey to Red Rocks Park, we started to make our way towards Mount Evans, Colorado.  But there were some interesting stops along the way…

First was lunch.  We were told that Beau Jo’s had the best pizza around and that we had to try a Mountain Pie.  Hmmm…being form the Northeast where we have some of the best pizza around I was obviously skeptical, but game to give it a try.  

01 Beujos

I typically prefer thin crust pizza but I went with the thicker Mountain Pie and it’s mountain of toppings and hand-rolled crust.  I went with the Sausage Combo Mountain Pie which has sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Go big or go home, right?  

03 Beaujos-Sausage-Special-Mountain-Pie

Whoa…Mountain Pie

I also noticed that they had a bunch of local beers on tap and I always love trying local, so I went with the Tommyknocker’s Vienna Amber from right there in Idaho Springs.  Yum and I loved how it came in a mason jar.  Why do things always taste better in mason jars??

02 Beaujos-Tommyknocker's-Vienna-Amber

Oh and you know what’s fun about Mountain Pies?  They encourage you save the giant crust, add honey and eat it for dessert.  Genius and delicious!

04 Beaujos-Honey-Crust

After being sufficiently carbed up, be began the climb to the top of Mount Evans.  On the way we stopped at Echo Lake Park to stretch our legs a bit and walk off some of that mountain pie.  When we got out of the car there was a significant drop in temperature and I could tell the air was starting to get thinner.  10,600 feet is pretty high!

05 Echo-Lake

06 Echo-Lake

07 Echo-Lake

Glad we brought those sweatshirts!  Going from 85 to 55 degrees was interesting…  There are a few hiking trails at the park that looked absolutely gorgeous, but I was already feeling the altitude start to get to me so I didn’t think it would be wise to start hiking off into the wilderness.

010 Echo-Lake

08 Echo-Lake

09 Echo-Lake

As we were leaving, B and I decided it was a good time for a bathroom break….it’s a park, they have bathrooms right?  Oh look, here they are…

011 Echo-Lake-Bathroom

What you fail to see from the outside is that these are basically glorified outhouses.  Oh and the best part…THERE ARE NO DOORS.  Really, no doors.  Which lead me to quickly turn around and proclaim “Fuck That!” apparently very loudly because it echoed through the park.  It is Echo Lake afterall…  I mean really who builds a structure like that with no doors?!?  Needless to say I held it until we got somewhere a little more private, like the Echo Lake Lodge.  This place is a gem and I knew from all the chatchkies in the window that I was in for a real treat in weirdness!

012 Echo-Lake-Lodge

Rubber ducks, got that.  Porcelain figurines, check.  A $300 toilet paper holder that looks like a bear, got that too.  Basically anything random and strange…they have it.  It was wonderful.  

014 Echo-Lake-Lodge

017 Echo-Lake-Lodge

016 Echo-Lake-Lodge

015 Echo-Lake-Lodge

Looking for a little sustenance?  There is also a restaurant and bar there complete with giant homemade peanut butter cups!

013 Echo-Lake-Lodge


019 Echo-Lake-Lodge-Sweets

018 Echo-Lake-Lodge-Bar

How amazing is this bar?  I was completely fascinated by it’s wicker back stools and 4 people working behind the counter.  It was like being in someones home.  If I wasn’t full of Mountain Pie, I probably would have grabbed a beer and sat down for what was sure to be some interesting conversation.  But we were full and moving on to higher altitudes….

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