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Super Easy Carnitas in the Slow Cooker!

I think I might have a slight pork obsession, especially when it’s slow roasted, tender and covered in guacamole.  I recently had some delicious carnitas while in Disneyland at Tortilla Jo’s and I have been dreaming about them ever since.  So imagine my excitement when I came across this recipe for Slow Cooker Carnitas from Paleo Foodie Kitchen

001 Carnitas Header

Knowing that I was starting the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge this week, I scoured the web over the weekend looking for easy, high-volume recipes that I could eat all week so I wasn’t tempted to eat bad things.  I have to admit I’m a bit scared of my slow cooker because I always think I’m going to come home to my house burned to the ground and my cats wandering around outside aimlessly, but it really makes some of the BEST meals!

This recipe was so easy to throw together in the morning before work and I can’t even begin to tell you about the delicious smell in the house when I got home!  Let’s dive in!

I sliced the onions, crushed the garlic, defrosted my stock and combined all the spices the night before so all I had to do in the morning was pour everything in the cooker.

001 Carnitas

I turned the pork around in the liquid a bit to coat it, popped the lid on and set the cooker to low for 8 hours.  I told the cats to keep an eye on it and went to work.  About 10 hours later, I returned to this:

002 Carnitas

Oh man!  That thing really shrunk, huh?  I removed the pork and it basically just started falling apart.  I took 2 forks and was able to simply shred it apart.

003 Carnitas

005 Carnitas

I strained the liquid through a fat separator (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!) and poured out all of the porky goodness.

004 Carnitas Sauce

If I wasn’t so hungry, I would’ve reduced this down a bit to make a thicker sauce, but that didn’t happen.  But it is still in my fridge waiting to be reduced 😉

For accompaniments, I chopped up some tomatoes, onions and cilantro and quartered some limes to squeeze on top.  I also made a quick guacamole of smashed avocado and lime juice.

006 Carnitas Fixins

007 Carnitas

This is SO DAMN GOOD!  If I keep finding great recipes like this, I should have no problem sticking to this Paleo Challenge!

What is your favorite slow cooker recipe?  Are you scared to use yours? 

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4 Responses to Super Easy Carnitas in the Slow Cooker!

  1. Hey, as long as the cats make it out safely, what’s a little house fire? 😉

  2. This looks delish, we’ll have to try it at our house! I am scared to use my slow cooker but not because I’m afraid it will burn down my house but because one time I came home and it had tripped the circuit breaker in my kitchen and turned off – raw food in my crockpot at dinner time = no bueno.
    Kristen @ The Smith Summary recently posted…Yup, That Really HappenedMy Profile

  3. WOW! That does look good! I love carnitas, in fact, I love anything paired with guacamole!
    Bonnie recently posted…Cash Mob CT at Sunflower Farm in Orange CTMy Profile

  4. I’m not huge on pork but this looks like a delicious paleo meal!
    Chelle {Everyday Polish} recently posted…Articulated {9.20.13}My Profile

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