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Week 1 of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge

One down, seven to go.  I have to say that I’m not finding the switch to the Paleo diet all that difficult since I’ve been trying to eat clean since July.  However I would allow myself a few cheats on the weekends along with cocktails, so this time it’s definitely much more strict.  I was actually very proud of myself when B and I went out for lunch on Sunday and I ordered a burger with no bun and no cheese and substituted a salad for fries.  That’s will power right there!


It was actually pretty good!  I might have missed the sweet potato fries a bit, but I’ll live.  For the challenge we only have to record if our meals were CLEAN or CHEAT.  That’s pretty easy!  Here the run down of Week 1:

  • Monday – Clean
  • Tuesday – Cheat meal for B’s birthday dinner
  • Wednesday – Clean
  • Thursday – Clean
  • Friday – Clean
  • Saturday – Cheat meal for our anniversary dinner, plus numerous cocktails that evening
  • Sunday – Clean

Ok not too bad for the first week considering all of the celebrations.  My goal this week is to get all the way through without one cheat.  I know Friday is going to prove to be hard for this since I generally like to unwind after a long week at work, but I’m going to try my hardest.  Meal planning has been the key to making this work for me.  On Sunday I grilled up a big batch of chicken and today I have more carnitas in the slow cooker…I really can’t get enough of those!  I also plan on making some Curry Turkey Meatballs later this week.      

As for noticeable changes, I haven’t seen many.  But the two things that are standing out the most are my improved sleep and my lack of energy.  Sleep has been great and I’m definitely going into a deeper sleep than I have in quite some time.  Waking up feeling resting is really nice, but I do need to get MORE sleep.  Closer to 8 hours would be ideal. 


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The lack of energy I’m experiencing is frustrating, but apparently it’s normal for the first few weeks of the challenge.  I had a horrible WOD yesterday and just felt an overall sense of weakness.  Not fun.  I still have one more challenge WOD to do this week (read the recap of the 1st two here) and hopefully I will feel a bit better to bang out a good time.  This one is The Hang Power Clean Sprint, a 5 minute time cap consisting of:

  • Descending ladder of hang power cleans (10-8-6-4-2)
  • Ascending ladder of shuttle sprints in 10m increments (20m-40m-60m-80m-100m)

I will once again be doing Level II, which is 65# for the cleans.  I’m just hoping I can get all this done in 5 minutes…I’m pretty sure I can.

So far the challenge has been really fun and it’s been great to have a great support group at the gym.  For some reason it is easier to do these things when you’re not alone, plus there are other out there to hold you accountable.  Bring it Week 2…I’m ready!

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3 Responses to Week 1 of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge

  1. Good to know that the clean eating is giving you better sleep!
    But I don’t know if my energy level could be any lower!
    Bonnie recently posted…NOLA Oyster Bar in South Norwalk CTMy Profile

  2. Keep at it, Sarah. I did a Whole30 this past summer, and the first couple of weeks were tough, but it was definitely worth it in the end. And anyway, you run marathons and lift massive heavy weights over your head – you’ve totally got this! 🙂

  3. This sounds tough! I find it so much easier to eat ‘mostly’ good then to cut anything out entirely – but I’ve been thinking I need to get stricter, since my ‘mostly’ hasn’t held up very well over the summer.
    Jess recently posted…Eating Your Way Through New England at the Big EMy Profile

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