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Sunday Funday: 9/29/13

Have you ever checked out?  Just completely disconnected and taken a day for yourself?  Well I did that yesterday and actually for much of this week.  Sometimes taking a break from all the chatter out there and simply hanging out with cats (yes I AM the crazy cat lady!) can be extremely therapeutic.  We can learn a lot from cats and how to live in the now.  I recently read a great blog post about doing just that and I put it into action…much needed!   

So beside that, This week I…

Decided it’s time to get an otter…

And a giraffe, but I would settle for visiting this giraffe hallway


Wish I had these crazy skills

Cat Jumping

Fell in love with Jimmy Fallon and his fabulousness…he seriously blew up the Internets this week with Justin Timberlake <3

And Joseph Gorden Levitt

And the Sesame Street cast!

Wondered where one begins and one ends…I love all things stubby!

Corgi and Pug

Have a great week!!

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