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Sunday Funday: 10/13/13

Oh hey there…this week seemed to have flown by.  Early mornings, long work days, blech. All of the things that could possibly bring you down.  But I found some fabulous things to get me through the week and seriously make me smile 🙂

This week I…

Ate my face off with no regards for the paleo challenge I’m participating in #paleofail #nocaloriesindisney


Can’t get enough of Edie Falco loving on an alpaca…this joy really solidifies the fact that I need one…B are you listening?!

Blessing of animals

Also I need some Red Pandas in my life…he just can’t deal with that pumpkin!

Felt a bit of shame living in CT and knowing that this happened on our local news channels…seriously, watch this…

Realized that I really need Steve to draw a cat for me…especially if it turns out like this…

Draw a Cat

And really how can you say no to these dance moves?!?

How did you celebrate your week?

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