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Would You Wear A Bathing Suit In Times Square?

So would you?  Are you brave enough to strip down to a small piece of Lycra in front of hundreds of people?  What about if it was live on television for millions?  

Two years ago, one of my favorite bloggers Brittany Gibbons did just that.  Brittany is the co-founder of the Curvy Girl Guide, an online magazine devoted to empowering women to embrace their curves, be confident and not have weight define them.  She partnered with Lands’ End and participated in their National Swim Suit Confidence Week where she traveled with a bunch of women to basically walk around in their bathing suits a strut their confident selves.  As a curvy girl myself, I say right on!  

This is pretty badass and takes an incredible amount of guts to strip down.  Brittany went on to give a TED Talk about body image and acceptance, where she once again stripped.  Girl really likes to talk her clothes off!

As I’ve gotten older, the less I care what people thing about me or my body.  I’ll never be a skinny girl, but I like who I am.  I like that my thighs are big and have helped me lift heavy weights and cover many miles.  They may look fat to some people, but to me they look strong.

So would I wear a bathing suit in Times Square?  Yeah why not!  I mean it would have to be part of some sort of event because that might be a bit strange otherwise, but it’s New York so maybe not.  If it would help to keep a movement like this going and maybe encourage one other woman to love herself no matter her size, yeah I’ll be there.

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  1. I would do it in the summer, definitely not NOW or in the winter though – WAYYYYYY too cold! LOL! Oh wait, this is about confidence and self appreciation, not the weather – LOL well, in that case, I most certainly would wear one anytime! I am thrilled with who I am as a person. It definitely took some time and anguish to get to this point, but I have been pretty thrilled with me for a solid 6 years now! 🙂
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Deck of DeathMy Profile

  2. So just a few weeks ago I had to put this to the test by doing the underpants run at Ironman Kona. UMM yeah a bunch of people with shredded bodies. Big gulp, get over myself and go.
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted…Arms Wide OpenMy Profile

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