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You Need a Class on Jumping Rope?

That is the question I was asked when I told most people how I was spending my Saturday afternoon, and so you know…yes, yes I do.  Actually, it was much more that jumping rope. Yesterday I attended a Double Under and Pull Up Clinic an my gym that focused on breaking down each skill and working on ways to improve, and it was so much fun!  The best part is that it was women only, so there was wonderful support and lots of laughs.

The clinic was developed by two of our coaches, Gina and Amanda, who saw a need for this.  Many classes briefly go over the skills that we are working on that day, but don’t take the time to help you improve on technical movements like pull ups.  I’ve been doing CrossFit for a year and a half now and learned so much yesterday!


We started the day by coming together to review the movements and to go over the importance of strengthening the body through other auxiliary movements.  Many of these included things we do in class every week, including barbell bent over row, pendlay row, dumbbell row and ring rows.


The most interesting thing I learned was that dead lifts (only with a double overhand grip) help with grip strength.  This will definitely come in handy.  We were also tasked to push ourselves in all of these movements.  Many times we are not using enough weight to make these movements worth while.  I’ve recently started using 40# dumb bells for my  rows which is way more then I ever thought I could do, but I can!


We reviewed various mobility movements that we often do as part of the warm up, but again we focused on proper form and slowing down the movements.  These included the thorasic windmill, cat/cow, t-spine rotation and heel touches.



Next up was a breakdown of kipping.  Kipping involves using momentum from your torso and legs to help achieve a pull up.  This involved a lot of rolling around on the floor.  First we went through the hollow rocks to superman drill, which then translates to the basic kipping motion when on the bar…light bulb moment!


From there we worked on raising our knees while kipping, which brings you back behind the bar.



And from there we did what Gina called “jumping the fence” which is is s strong hip drive used as you pull up on the bar to give extra force.  Now I’ve never come close to a pull up without assistance from a band, but after putting all these movements together, it actually felt possible.  With a lot of practicing and strengthening, is a pull up really in my future???  Hopefully my hands hold up…


Next on to double unders.  Now don’t laugh, but when I started CrossFit I actually struggled with jumping rope.  Yes, I know that is something you learn when you are about 5, but not having done it in so long I was a fumbling idiot.  Needless to say, it was quite embarrassing.  So then when I was told that I was supposed to pass the rope twice under with each jump, I felt defeated.  I’ve gotten a few here and there, but I’ve never been able to string them together and lately they have been few and far between.

We spent about 10 minutes working on wrist motion and body positioning, then moved into attempting to get some.  I basically managed to whip my leg numerous times…ouch!  


There were a few girls who did start stringing them together and they were SO excited…it was great to watch.  I kept getting stuck on only one leg going through, but with practice I”ll get there.  My biggest struggle is moving my wrists fast enough.  Sigh…

So yes, I practiced jumping rope for a good part of the day and I had a damn good time doing it.  I left with some really helpful tips on how to improve two moves that I’ve been struggling with for a while.  Plus I had a lot of laughs, which always makes for a good day 🙂

What do you need to work on in your exercise routine?

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  1. Nice job! I always try to go to clinics like this bc they help SO MUCH. Eventually the double unders will click. I still beat the crud out of myself every time 🙁
    Jenn recently posted…Please Pardon the Dust! Website Construction in Progress!My Profile

  2. I need to work on pretty much everything. Endurance. Double Unders. Body Weight stuff.
    Kendra recently posted…Tinkerbell Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

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