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Saying Goodbye to Gretta

There is something about being an only child that makes me get irrationally attached to inanimate objects.  This has happened ever since I was a kid when I was convinced that all of my stuffed animals totally had feelings.  That’s normal right??

So of course when it comes to cars I’ve owned, you can imagine how attached I get.  My first car was a 1989 Volvo 240 GL and it was a beast!  I saved money for years and got the car on my 17th birthday (with some help from my Dad!).  It was 8 years old, had 88,000 miles on it, was decked out in all the deluxe features and it was perfect!  I quickly named him Robert (after Robert Smith from The Cure) and drove him EVERYWHERE.  To say I loved that car is an understatement.  I only had him for about 3 years until my Dad got sick of keeping him in his driveway while I was going to school in New York City and didn’t need a car.  So sadly I said goodbye.  



It wasn’t until about 5-6 years later when I met B that I realized how much I missed having a car!  You mean you didn’t have to schelp your groceries for blocks thinking your arms were going to pull out of their sockets??  I could get home in 15 minutes instead of 40 on the bus??  Get out!  He spoiled me quickly…


B got Turtle (a 2006 Mini Cooper) and we lived with one car for about a year while I was still working in the city.  I then decided it was time to leave city life behind and I took a job out in the suburbs…car required.  That is when I found Gretta.  Gretta the German Jetta.  Once again, she was perfect!  Only a year old, 10,000 miles, practically brand new!  From the second I got her, I was in love.  She was so much fun to drive…super zippy, roomy yet sporty, everything I was looking for.  Are you thinking I’m nuts yet??



Well after driving up and down the east cost (from VT to FL!) for 6.5 years and over 120,000 miles, yesterday it was time to say goodbye.  It was bittersweet, but she was getting tired.  The ceiling lining was drooping, the radio buttons we peeling, she needed a new catalytic convertor.  The repairs were adding up to be more than she was worth.  So even though she still ran great, I had to let her go.  And yes, I got teary and kissed her goodbye…  



But have no fear…Gretta 2.0 is here!  Isn’t she sexy?!?   


And look…only 9 miles!!  I’ve never had a car this new in my life…super exciting!


So it was a sad day, the end of an era, but a new beginning…and we all need new beginnings sometimes 🙂  

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