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Follow Ups and Trisomy 16

First, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their outpouring of love, support and encouragement this past week after I shared my story of struggle with my colitis and my recent miscarriage.  With every response I have had mixed emotions of crying, smiling, strength…you name it, I’ve felt it.  This amazing community of bloggers, runners, Disney fans, foodies, healthy living enthusiasts, CrossFit addicts and everyone in between continue to inspire me everyday with your generosity and kindness.  I can only hope that I can give back to you as much as you have given to me.  

Ok, let’s all have a giant group hug…pleeeeeeease????

That felt really good, right?  I think we all need more hugs in our lives…hugs rule!

Last week was full of follow up appointments and wishes for this whole debacle to be over.  Good news is that after a post-op exam and ultrasound, all looks good.  Yay!  Interesting news is that after chromosomal testing from my surgery came back, it showed that the miscarriage was caused by chromosome disorder called Trisomy 16.  I am learning SO MANY new things in these past few weeks!  Trisomies occur when a person develops three of a particular chromosome, instead of the normal two.  These can be mild and show no symptoms or be severe enough to cause miscarriages or early infant death.  Clearly, the later is what I experienced.   

I have to say that as difficult as this experience has been, I am thankful that it ended early.  It would’ve been much harder if I had carried this baby even a few more weeks.  My excitement would’ve grown and my attachment would’ve increased.  I’ve cried, I’ve suffered and now I’m healing, I’m moving on.  

B and I spent the past few days in Walt Disney World and I took on the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is a back to back 10K and half marathon.  I almost forfeited my registration, but my best friend Amanda convinced me to at least try and if we had to walk the entire thing we would.  So I gave it a try and I did it!  


Just 2 weeks after surgery and I completed both of these races with little faith that I could.  Neither race was my fastest or most efficient, and my body was definitely in pain from my lack training, well lack of really anything for the past few weeks.  I balled my eyes out after crossing the finish line of the Princess Half Marathon because I was so glad that I had accomplished my 7th half marathon!  Look for full reports in the next few weeks over on Running at Disney!  

Besides the races, we also spent a lot of time relaxing and just having fun.  Being in a place like Walt Disney World is a great way to just escape from everything.  Hell, I had an ostrich lay an egg outside my hotel room window…where else can you say that happened??  Now it’s time to focus on getting healthy again.  Getting my body in shape and mentally recovering from these past 2 months.  I’m ready to move on…I actually feel good!  

Thank you again to every one for your support and for making this journey a bit easier.  🙂

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  1. So glad things are looking up for you and you are on the road to recovery. It doesn’t surprise me all the love you received regarding your health issues. I’m sure there are many people like me that read your blog everyday and feel like they know you. I hope one day to actually meet you at a disney run or just when you come to Florida! Take care and stay strong!

    • Thank you so much Kristina…that really means a lot to me! That would be great to meet up one day, I would love that.

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