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Why I’m Not Participating In The CrossFit Open

Ahhh The Open. An event where everyone in the world has the ability to compete against the fittest in the world for a spot in the CrossFit Games. Yes, only about 1% of participants will make it to the Games, but it’s a great way to test your skill levels.  I had actually been looking forward to The Open since last year, especially after going to the Northeast Regionals.  But when the time came to register, I knew I still wasn’t ready…

If you aren’t familiar with The Open, it is a worldwide event that, according to the CrossFit website, is when “everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time.”  From The Open, the top athletes and teams advance on to the Regional competitions, and from there The Games.  It’s exciting to follow and looks even more exciting to participate in.  So why didn’t I?

There are a few basic movements that have been in all previous WODs (workout of the day) that I still am not able to do.  These include: Toes to Bar, Double Unders, Pull Ups & Muscle Ups.  To me it was not worth fumbling through these workouts and getting frustrated by not being able to do these moves.  Plus I’m not really at the top of my game at the moment, so why risk an injury trying to prove something that I know deep down I can’t complete.  I know, I know…it about being part of the community and testing your limit, but this year just didn’t feel right for me.  

Once the WODs started coming out, I knew I had made the right decision.  14.1 was announced last week:


Oh hi there double unders.  Maybe I would’ve been able to complete 30 of them in the 10 minutes, but I would’ve been cursing my way through that whole thing.  55# snatches sound like a breeze, but those DUs…nope!  Best case scenario, my score would be 45 reps in 10 min.  Compare that to the leader, Sam Briggs, at 472.  Now I know I’m no Sam Briggs, but this wouldn’t have been a good confidence booster.

Now 14.2:


While overhead squats are not a strong movement for me I can get through them, but then there are pull-ups…once again, nope!  My score for 14.2 would be a solid 10 reps.

So instead of being frustrated, I rather watch, cheer and get motivated to improve my skills for next year.  My goal for this year are pull ups and double unders.  I want to be able to string at least a few of these together.  Hey now I have an event bigger goal to get these mastered by September…the Disney Fit Challenge!  

Are you participating in the CrossFit Open?  What movements do you have trouble with?

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