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Escape to Spring with Grilled Cheese & Cupcakes!

Yesterday I attended a really fun event at Van Wilgen’s Garden Center in North Branford, CT!  It’s the Escape to Spring Expo and was the perfect way to help my case of spring fever 🙂  


This event is s a lot more than just getting your fix of spring flowers (yes they have some great deals!), but it is a full on exposition.  There are over 30 vendors displaying garden designs and innovations, but also local jewelers, artists, snack companies, pet stores, and a brewery.  



Outside there were 7 food trucks set up and the smells were AMAZING!  It was really hard to decide what to get…tacos, fries, lobster roll, mac & cheese…gah!    

After some hemming and hawing, I decided to go with my favorites…grilled cheese & cupcakes!


The Caseus Cheese Truck is a HUGE hit here in the New Haven area.  The wait was about 20 minutes to get your grilled cheese after ordering, but as always was worth it.  We heard they went through 600 pounds of cheese yesterday…whoa!  I got mine with ham and a side of tomato soup 🙂

Being the cupcake addict that I am, of course I had to hit the cupcake truck next!


What I didn’t expect was the 15 different kinds!  How to choose?!?  Soooooo we got 8. Cannoli, Coconut Dream, Luck of the Irish, Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Cheesecake & Chocolate Bottom…ooooooooh boooooy!


B needs a napkin...

B needs a napkin…

After stuffing our faces and wandering around the expo a bit, we decided to watch one of the cooking demos.  An awesome demo kitchen was set up in the greenhouse for the weekend and chefs from various local restaurants came to show off their goods!




Our pal Jason from Caseus (and The Cheese Truck) was showing everyone how to make the perfect cripsy, melty grilled cheese at home.  Good bread, a variety of cheese, a good cast iron pan and TONS of butter…YUM.  B even got up and helped make some!


Oh and then we got samples!  More grilled cheese?  Oh sure!


What a fattening fun afternoon!  The weather was a gorgeous 60 degrees which made it the perfect way to welcome the best time of year!

How are you welcoming spring? 

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