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A Walk in the Wepawaug Conservation Area

As the weather has been getting warmer, I’ve been feeling the need to get out and walk around in the woods.  This is something I’ve loved since I was a kid when my Mom and I would take our dogs for long hikes.  There is something so calming and peaceful about being out in the woods.  It’s a great place to reflect and gather your thoughts, all while getting some exercise.     


Last weekend after I learned of Lee’s passing I needed to get out of the house and I knew a good walk in the woods would help to clear my head.  So I headed to the Wepawaug Conservation Area in Orange, CT to walk the Orange Triangle Trail.  This is a small nature preserve with a few miles of easy hiking trails.

Wepawaug-Conservation-Area-Orange-CT-Trail-MapIt is an absolutely gorgeous area for an walk, an easy trail run or even some fishing.





Wepawaug-Conservation-Area-Orange-CT-6After about a mile of walking, I found a log and sat for a while watching the Wepawaug River pass by.  And there were ducks…I love ducks 🙂



After some reflection (and a good cry), I headed out along another trail and passed a woman who was out walking her 3 yellow Labs.  They were SO EXCITED to be running in the woods.  They were even running in and out of the river!  It reminded me so much of my black lab Butch from when I was a kid.  I really think a Lab might be in our future.


Wepawaug-Conservation-Area-Orange-CT-Labs-2After another mile or so I headed back.  Throughout my walk I saw a father and son doing some fly fishing in the river and they were walking back to their car.  So cute…


I’m so lucky to have a place like this close to my house and I can’t wait to come back throughout the summer when the trees fill in.  I’m definitely going to add hiking into my exercise routine!  A great local hiking area is Sleeping Giant State Park where there are over 30 miles of trails, some of which are very difficult.  I haven’t been there for quite some time, but I will be tackling that giant soon.

Do you like hiking in the woods?  What are some of your favorite trails?

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