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Getting Ready for the Disney Fit Challenge

My flights are booked, my room is secured and I’m registered for the Disney Fit Challenge! This is going to be my first real CrossFit competition and I am both extremely excited and nervous!  Yes, I’ve done a few events for charity, but this is totally different.  Those were for fun and it didn’t really matter how long it took me or what place I finished in.  This is an actual competition…yikes!

Last week Disney Sports released this new video that went through some of the movements we can expect.

Here are some of the new details that were revealed:  The Recreational Division will see things like running, lateral bar hop burpees, weighted wheelbarrow pushes and push-ups. Scaled (my division!) will be doing kettle bell swings, snatches and weighted lunges (my least favorite thing!).  Lastly Rx will find clean & jerks, dogsled pull and pistols.  Other movements that can be seen in the video are farmers carry, box jumps and sandbag sprints.

When I registered for the event, I was really debating on what division to register for.  The weights in the scaled division are going to be light for me, but even by September I won’t be able to compete in things like pull-ups and rope climbs.  Also, now that I see that pistols are in store for Rx…I think I made the right choice.  However clean & jerks are my favorite movement and I’m kind of bummed I won’t be doing those 🙁

So now I know a few of the things I really need to focus on for the next few months.  I’m getting better with snatches and I’m enjoying them more each time I do them.  I’m going to keep practicing and work on my form.  I’m going to assume the weights won’t be too heavy so form will be key.  


Due to my tight hips, lunge steps are the bane of my existence so seeing those in my division was not a welcome sight.  I really need to focus more on stretching those muscles more and getting that mobility back.  I also need to get over my fear of box jumps and improve my running speed.  I have a lot to do in the next few months…it will be here sooner than I know it.

What do you think of the new information from Disney Sports?  Are you competing? 

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  1. I’m in the scaled division too! This is my first competition period and I’m definitely psyched and terrified. I’m similar in that the weights should be ok (fingers crossed) but I am horrific at body weight movements, and those pistols would have ENDED ME! Oh yeah, and snatches are evil. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great and we still have another 4 months to prep! Maybe I’ll see you there! 🙂

    • Oh yay!! I think the more people we know, the less pressure there will be and the more fun we will have!
      Keep in touch and good luck with your training…I’d definitely love to meet up that weekend 🙂
      Are you doing Friday or Saturday?

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