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Schedule Changes and Additional Information for the Disney Fit Challenge


The Disney Fit Challenge is coming up in 6 short weeks (how did that happen?!?) and this week some changes were announced to the schedule.  While a big schedule change this late in the game is frustrating, hopefully it hasn’t effected too many travel/vacation plans.

When originally registering, you had the option to choice Friday or Saturday to compete. Then the top athletes in each division would go on to compete in the Finals on Sunday. Well now, there is no longer a competition on Friday and EVERYONE is competing on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.  Here is the official email from Disney Sports:

Dear Sarah,

We’re always looking for ways to ensure the best Guest experience and competitive balance at Disney Fit Challenge.  As a result, we are shifting our event dates: the first day of competition now takes place on Saturday, september 27 and concludes on Sunday, September 28.

With this change, you will now be competing on both Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28.  Your first scheduled workout will begin on Saturday.  You are now guaranteed a total of (5) workouts spread across two days.  With our prior schedule, some of our competitors would have had only (3) workouts in which to compete.  With many of our divisions at or nearing sellout, this will also allow us to add competitors.

Should you require immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at…

We look forward to hosting you at the Disney Fit Challenge.

Well that is a bit vague, so thankfully I was able to speak with one of the Managers at Disney Sports to get more clarification and some additional information.  

  • There will be three (3) workouts on Saturday and two (2) on Sunday.
  • There will no longer be “Finals” to qualify for.  The top cumulative scores from both days will receive medals in each division.
  • There will be awards for age groups in each division, along with the overall top awards.
  • Heats will be announced two (2) weeks prior to the competition.  Athletes only need to arrive at the time of their heat.
  • Each day will finish by 6:00 pm.
  • All workouts will be announced two (2) weeks prior to the competition.

Some of the workouts are already being teased on the Disney Fit Challenge Facebook Event Page and they have also released the weight standards for each division.


Seeing this made me a happy.  If you saw my recent post on my Two Year WODiversary that listed my current weights, you will see that I shouldn’t have a problem competing in the scaled division.  Hey maybe I might be able to come home with one of these!


While this schedule chance doesn’t effect my travel and vacation plans all that much, I know there are many people out there who are frustrated with the change.  Disney Sports overestimated the number of people who thought they would make it to the final competition, so they figured most competitors blocked off all of Sunday for the competition.  However this was not the case.  

With all of the crazy planning that is involved in a trip to Walt Disney World (Advanced Dining Reservations, FastPass+, etc…), this has thrown a wrench in many people’s vacations.  I’ve also seen people who have flights that are booked to leave on Sunday evening making it impossible to participate on Sunday if they are in a later heat.  It’s unfortunate Disney did not take all of these things into consideration before changing the schedule so close to the event, especially when some of us registered back in March.

I’m still looking forward to the event and I can’t wait to see what the workouts are in the coming weeks.  Now to get down to training…where’s that 20 inch box for me to master??

Are you participating in the Disney Fit Challenge?  Have these changes effected your travel/vacation plans? 

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4 Responses to Schedule Changes and Additional Information for the Disney Fit Challenge

  1. Wow, this is really unfortunate for people like Kellie who have a flight booked home on Sunday! : (
    Danielle recently posted…Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – Dumbo Double DareMy Profile

    • I would have had to book a flight home on Sunday regardless with Doug having to be back for school, but I think some of the most frustrating aspects was not only the change, but when they made they change and how they went about notifying people. I didn’t get the email until almost a week after someone had posted on facebook, and even worse was there was no phone number (until the email) that allowed me to talk to a human being to discuss my questions. That being said, when I finally spoke to someone, I did feel somewhat better. Andy, a manager, was calm, friendly, and genuinely listened to my feedback. Being able to do so I would imagine was difficult after dealing with I assume a large number of people who were annoyed/disappointed/frustrated like me, but he was a perfect example of what you expect when you call Disney.

      Sorry for that REALLY long comment. But yay for the weights! I definitely can handle those, and the deadlifts are nothing! Now I want them even more!
      Kellie recently posted…Friday Five: Favorite Disney Theatrical Productions (on Broadway)My Profile

    • I know…I feel really bad for people whose vacation it affects. Plans have been made for months now!

  2. Trying for two weeks to get in touch with someone affiliated with the event. Are you willing to share name/phone/email of the manager you spoke with? – Tracie

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