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Eat Your Veggies! Robert Treat Farm CSA Weeks 11 & 12

I know this is how nature works, but I hate that the best parts of summer come at the end of the season.  I wish all the awesomeness we’re getting now could last longer than just a few weeks!!  I’ve been making some wonderful eggplant parmesan, big salads and oh yeah, all those leftovers from my BBQ a few weeks ago fed us for quite a few days!




Week 11 brought more lettuce, tons of ripe tomatoes, potatoes and onions.  I also grabbed one of the peppers from Keira to grill up for B…just because I can’t eat them doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t enjoy them!




Week 12 brought more of my favorites corn, carrots and tomatoes, along with some gorgeous swiss chard and savoy cabbage.  I think I’m just going to juice the chard, but I’m not sure what to do with the savoy cabbage besides tons of slaws…any suggestions?   



It was also a fruit week and I was stoked to get 2 of my favs…blueberries and peaches!


I split a lot of the stuff with Keira since I knew we couldn’t finish 6 giant tomatoes.  She was excited because there were bonus hot peppers this week which her hubs LOVES.  I see a lot of spicy dishes in her future.



Only 4 weeks are left of the CSA and sadly the Farmers Market ends next week 🙁  That means no more fresh fish on Wednesday and no more sweet treats like cupcakes or cannolis…well I guess for the second one it’s a good thing, my waist line will be happy.



Hope you’re enjoying the last of what the summer has to offer…it’s been a great year!

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  1. Yumm!!! We get a CSA box delivered on Fridays and it makes that day of the week even better!!! Love experimenting with produce that I normally don’t purchase. I must admit though, I suck at using eggplant & we have some. Are you willing to share your recipe for eggplant parm? My hubby would be so happy if I made it 🙂
    Thanks and just think, even though the summer season is over, Fall means apples & pumpkins! Equally yummy!!!

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