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Kayaking Adventure On The Sebastian River

Last week I spent 5 wonderful days at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with some of my best friends.  This was the third year we have made this trip and something I look forward to every year.  I mean how could you not with a view like this…


For the second year, a group of us have gone kayaking one morning.  I have to admit that when I first tried it, I was not a fan.  It’s a very odd sensation being that close to the water and steering was a bit difficult for me.  Oh hell, steering is still not my strong suit, but at least I wasn’t as anxious about the whole experience this time.  However there were still many laughs over my improper use of the rutter and I heard “Sarah’s in the bushes again!” more than once.  🙂

This trip we ventured down the Sebastian River.  There was a tropical storm off the coast that made things a bit windy, so this was a good spot since it was protected by the trees. We were out for about 4 hours that included a stop for lunch and I’m guessing we went about 5 to 6 miles in total.

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We met our guides from Adventure Kayaking at a park around 9 am where we were greeted by a baby alligator sunning himself.  I had my fingers crossed the mama wasn’t around. 


We were fitted into our kayaks and of course once I was given the paddle I had to do an overhead squat with it.  Just seemed like the natural thing to do…



And like that we were off!  Kriss and I were the first ones out and were immediately enveloped in the peaceful calming waters…it really is amazing how kayaking takes you into a completely different world.


I had bought this super cool waterproof pouch that you can take photos through.  The great thing is that is comes with a lanyard so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water and sinking to the bottom.  It’s great for capturing all the scenery and of course taking selfies 🙂



One of my favorite things about kayaking are the cool views you get.  There are so many trees growing over the water that you can go under, which is nice on a hot day for some shade.  The scenery is just breathtaking.   





Probably to best part of the day was getting to see a TON of manatees!!  They were all over the river and boy were they big.  Some were over 10 feet long!  Seeing those little noses pop up out of the water was just beyond adorable.


We saw other wildlife including a gator that my friend Carrie saw go underwater right by me and then I manage to float over a swirling bit of water that I’m pretty sure was it swimming by.  Needless to say this caused me to panic a bit, which ended with me in a bush again…sigh.  Other local wildlife we encountered were a highly intoxicated couple paddling around in their canoe drinking beer at 10:30 am…that was highly entertaining.

Every time I do this I’m surprised how much I enjoy it!  I think I need to find somewhere up in CT where I can kayak.  I know you can do it in the Long Island sound, but I don’t the the scenery will be as nice or the company as sweet.


Photo Credit: Rick Howard

Photo Credit: Rick Howard

Have you ever been kayaking?

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4 Responses to Kayaking Adventure On The Sebastian River

  1. Kayaking was one of my favorite activities at VB two years ago. I did a shorter tour, I think. We didn’t have lunch. We spent a few hours paddling around the lagoon and viewing Pelican Island. We did get out and stretch our legs on one of the little islands near there. I was also there at the wrong time of year for manatees. Oh, well! I guess I’ll have to go back! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure that’s where we went last year. Apparently there are TONS of different spots to go in the area…like you said, gotta keep going back to try them! 🙂

  2. I so so so so SO want to get to Vero Beach sometime! I really would like to check out some of the non-Disney World DVC properties sometime…so many vacations so little time (and money!).
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  3. Sebastian rives looks amazing. I love kayaking and doing this at a great place like this is just awesome.

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