Oh hi there!  Welcome to RAD Living!

RAD Living is where I share my journey to find a balance in life through food, fitness and fun.  I strongly believe that if you work hard, you should play hard.  Life is short and I want to enjoy everything that it has to offer!

2012 Princess Half FinishI started my path to healthy living in the fall of 2011 while training for my first half marathon, the 2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon. While training for the race, I started Running at Disney to document this new challenge I was taking on and to hold myself accountable.  A fire was sparked in me to keep challenging myself and as they say, the rest is history!

So here are some facts about me…

  • I’m an only child and yes I have sharing issues
  • I’m married to my best friend who makes me laugh everyday…I’m insanely lucky
  • So far, I’ve run 6 half marathons, 1 full marathon and numerous other races, yet I really don’t enjoy running
  • I like to lift things up and put them down, which also translates to: I’m a CrossFit addict
  • I love food…no, I really LOVE food
  • My weakness is a Grey Goose martini up with a twist, very dry…tasty business
  • I have two amazing cats who you will get to know very well if you continue to read this blog
  • I think a good belly laugh can cure anything
  • I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with Ulcerative Colitis, but I won’t let it control my life
  • I curse like a sailor
  • I’m a strong supporter of local farms and businesses…GO LOCAL!
  • I don’t sugar coat things, so expect the truth…and nothing but he truth!
  • I currently live in Connecticut, but I will always be a Jersey girl at heart
  • Oh and I like lists…obviously

I feel like I’m just beginning this healthy living journey and I am beyond excited to explore new sights, sounds, tastes and sore muscles!  However, I’m far from perfect and sometimes I skip a work out, eat bad (but oh so tasty) food and enjoy a cocktail or two.  I hope to be inspired, motivate others and have a TON of belly laughs along the way.  That’s what RAD Living is all about!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to always BE RAD!

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