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My New Favorite Tees!

I recently saw someone post photos of these fun t-shirt designs that incorporate Disney characters into the Starbucks logo and absolutely adore them!











Upon further inspection I found out that they were from TeePublic, a community of designers selling their own shirt designs!  So of course I began searching the site and pretty much fell in love with everything on there!  There is something that speaks to all of my nerdy interests.

Like these Disney tees:











Or these super subtle Disney tees:












Or a hybrid of Disney and other nerdy things:












Or some of my favorite movies:












Or Harry Potter:












There are even just some fun designs on there…













And even fun tees for my fitness obsession!











These are only a handful of the thousands of designs available on the site.  The best part is that these tees only range from $14 – $20 and many of them come in a variety of colors!  Check out my store to see my favorite designs here.

Which one is your favorite?

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

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Kayaking Adventure On The Sebastian River

Last week I spent 5 wonderful days at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with some of my best friends.  This was the third year we have made this trip and something I look forward to every year.  I mean how could you not with a view like this…


For the second year, a group of us have gone kayaking one morning.  I have to admit that when I first tried it, I was not a fan.  It’s a very odd sensation being that close to the water and steering was a bit difficult for me.  Oh hell, steering is still not my strong suit, but at least I wasn’t as anxious about the whole experience this time.  However there were still many laughs over my improper use of the rutter and I heard “Sarah’s in the bushes again!” more than once.  🙂

This trip we ventured down the Sebastian River.  There was a tropical storm off the coast that made things a bit windy, so this was a good spot since it was protected by the trees. We were out for about 4 hours that included a stop for lunch and I’m guessing we went about 5 to 6 miles in total.

Kayaking-on-the-Sebastian-River-1 copy

We met our guides from Adventure Kayaking at a park around 9 am where we were greeted by a baby alligator sunning himself.  I had my fingers crossed the mama wasn’t around. 


We were fitted into our kayaks and of course once I was given the paddle I had to do an overhead squat with it.  Just seemed like the natural thing to do…



And like that we were off!  Kriss and I were the first ones out and were immediately enveloped in the peaceful calming waters…it really is amazing how kayaking takes you into a completely different world.


I had bought this super cool waterproof pouch that you can take photos through.  The great thing is that is comes with a lanyard so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water and sinking to the bottom.  It’s great for capturing all the scenery and of course taking selfies 🙂



One of my favorite things about kayaking are the cool views you get.  There are so many trees growing over the water that you can go under, which is nice on a hot day for some shade.  The scenery is just breathtaking.   





Probably to best part of the day was getting to see a TON of manatees!!  They were all over the river and boy were they big.  Some were over 10 feet long!  Seeing those little noses pop up out of the water was just beyond adorable.


We saw other wildlife including a gator that my friend Carrie saw go underwater right by me and then I manage to float over a swirling bit of water that I’m pretty sure was it swimming by.  Needless to say this caused me to panic a bit, which ended with me in a bush again…sigh.  Other local wildlife we encountered were a highly intoxicated couple paddling around in their canoe drinking beer at 10:30 am…that was highly entertaining.

Every time I do this I’m surprised how much I enjoy it!  I think I need to find somewhere up in CT where I can kayak.  I know you can do it in the Long Island sound, but I don’t the the scenery will be as nice or the company as sweet.


Photo Credit: Rick Howard

Photo Credit: Rick Howard

Have you ever been kayaking?

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25 People, A Muddy Yard & One Bathroom

A few months ago B came up with the idea of having his entire family (all 23 of them) over to the house for a barbecue this summer.  Most of his family haven’t been to our house since they live almost 2 hours away and we figured it was time.  We’ve been here for almost 5 years now!  Plus, after all the crappy things that went on this winter, we figured that life is too short to not spend it with your family…no matter how crazy they may be.  We picked the date of June 14th and left it at that.

Who knew June 14th would come so quickly!  Last week was full of running errands and stressing about having all of these people at my house.  I don’t think we have ever had more than 8 people here at one time, so this was going to be interesting.  Plus, it had rained for the entire week leading up to this (with crazy downpours the day before!), so the backyard was a squishy mess with many areas of pooled mud.  Lovely.  My reclusive nature was definitely going to be put to the test.

The good news…everything went great and the family had a blast and the day turned out to be gorgeous!  We set up a canopy for shade along with a few tables for everyone to sit.  Yeah some of the chairs sunk in to the ground, but it worked.  Plus we have the patio where most people seemed to congregate so they didn’t sink 😉



The FIFA World Cup started last week, so most of the men stayed inside to watch that.  They missed out on all the good times outside…whatever, their loss.



We thought ahead and got some toys for the kids so they would be entertained.  The boys spent most of the time in the front yard playing soccer and the girls loved the hula hoops!  There was even a contest…can you guess who won?



Even B tried to get in on the action, but this is about the extent of his hula hooping skills…


The highlight of day for the girls was when I took them down to see the basement and they discovered my exercise equipment!  I couldn’t get them off of the treadmill and they were lifting weights like crazy!  Obviously I kept encouraging them because girls who lift are pretty rad!


Afterwards they all collapsed on the couch…


Overall, the day was great!  Having one bathroom for 25 people proved to be a bit tricky as the tank didn’t fill up with water quick enough for the constant use which caused a bit of a panic for some people.  Thankfully we figured out a system and told people to wait at least 5 minutes before heading in there after someone came out…seemed to do the trick.

Also, the cats weren’t to thrilled with all these people in their house.  I kept them in the bedroom so there wasn’t a chance for one of them to go outside or get manhandled by the kids.  They were still a bit freaked out.  Cleo curled up on the floor in B’s clothes and Neala set up camp in the closet among my sneakers.  Poor spoiled kitties 🙁


The day was full of laughs, good food and family!  That’s what life should be about, right?  Hey maybe we’ll even make this a yearly tradition!


What do you do for big family get togethers?

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New York World’s Fair Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend I took a trip down to Queens, NY to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 1939 World’s Fair and (more importantly!) the 50th anniversary of the 1964 World’s Fair.  I say more importantly because 1964 is when Walt Disney debuted many beloved attractions, including the Carousel of Progress (then known as Progressland), Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and It’s A Small World.  Yes, my inner Disney nerd was stocked!


I met up with my friend Estelle from This Happy Place and her husband James beforehand and we had a great lunch at Alewife in Long Island City.  Because we were pressed for time we didn’t take part in their $30 all you can drink brunch (say what?!?).  If you are in the area, you should totally check this place out.

We took the subway out to Mets Stadium – Willets Point and walked over to Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  That morning I realized that was going to be the first time I’ve been on a NYC Subway in probably 8 years…a HUGE deal for me…but a story for another day.  



In all the years I lived in New York, I can’t believe I never traveled out to this park!  First of all it’s HUGE and a great getaway from the craziness of the city.  Second, the icons that I’ve always seen on TV are MUCH cooler in person…I was really surprised at how big the Unisphere is.  



There wasn’t a schedule of events available before we arrived so we really didn’t know what to expect, but we found a program in one of the tents set up.  There were a lot of activities going on…  


The first thing that caught our eye was a visit inside the New York State Pavilion/ Tent of Tomorrow open house.  This area is normally closed to the public, so it was a great opportunity!  We headed over and got on the line outside…as good Disney fans, we understand lines.  However we quickly discovered that we needed tickets to get in…there was no mention of tickets anywhere.  Oh and guess what…it’s sold out!  Booooo.  Well I did manage to get some cool photos from the outside.



I don’t know if you can see, but people were walking around inside with hardhats.  It looked like such a cool experience.  Sadly this was just the beginning of the disorganization of the event.  Next we headed over to the Queens Museum where we found another line and an admission fee…sigh.  Luckily a nice staff member told us to walk around to the other side where there was no line to get in.  


We had no idea what we were going to find inside, but I’m really glad we decided to go in because look what we found inside.


It’s a GIANT panorama of New York City…it was SO COOL.  The panorama was built for the 1964 World’s Fair and with a few updates over the years, it still remains in perfect condition.  We spent quite a good amount of time in here basically in awe.

Next we took some time to look though the memorabilia from 1939 and 1964.  There was some really cool stuff here, including a replica of the GE Pavilion which housed Walt Disney’s Progressland.





Well this was all worth the price of admission…very cool!  Afterwards, we walked around a bit, checked out the food trucks (which had hour long waits!!) and listed to a pretty good Beatles cover band.  

Estelle and James hung around for the fireworks, but I headed back to CT before it got too late.  They walked be out to where B was picking me up and on the way, we got to see the original Batmobile in motion.  I love the license plate!



Even though we really didn’t know what was going on and the event was very disorganized, I had a great day!  I got to spend a gorgeous spring afternoon with one of my good friends who I hadn’t seen in forever.  Plus we got to enjoy some Disney fun right here in our backyard.  Really nothing beats that 🙂


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Westville Village Artwalk in New Haven, CT


Imagine a village set within a city full of shops, bistros and artists.  Now imagine the whole village opens its doors for everyone to enjoy.  Well that is exactly what happened at the Westville Village Artwalk this weekend!

This was my first time attending the festival in Westville, a small village in New Haven, CT, and had a great time learning more about the community.  I started at the top of Whalley Avenue and made my way down to the Artist & Artisan Village.  Two streets were closed off with around 35 or so vendors set up.



There were so many interesting things to see!  Jewelry, teas, clothing, artwork, soaps…you name it!




I was happy to see one of my favorite local artists, Tom Ryan, there.  He was showcasing his new skateboard collection and I was happy to once again see my favorite piece, Little Oscar, was still available…one day it will be mine!


At the end of the market were a few interactive art activities, including a pottery wheel where kids could try to throw a pot!  I used to LOVE making pottery so I watched this for a while.  


Also there was the Converse “Re-Imagined” exhibit.  33 local artists were given a pair of white Chuck Taylor High-Tops (donated by Converse to the Artwalk) and were given free reign to “reimagine” them.  The pieces were then donated to the silent auction to fun Artwalk.  Cool, right??  Check out some of these pieces…they were pretty rad! 





Next I headed down to Edgewood Park to check out the kids activities and the band that was playing on the main stage there.  I believe the band playing at the time was Wess Meets West and they were pretty damn good!


There were TONS of kids activities set up, but the coolest one by far was this bike powered spin art…kids and adults were loving it and it looked like a lot of fun!



I walked around a bit more and took in some of the street art that was around.  Then I headed to check out some of the artist studios that were open.  



This was really cool to see where the artists actually create as well as see the work close up.  This studio belonged to Frank Bruckmann, his work is really beautiful!



On my way back up Whalley Avenue, I popped into a few other shops and galleries along the way.


In one storefront, there were two very interesting exhibits.  The first was a look at the local transportation system and how it could possibly be improved upon.  People were encouraged to share their ideas and solutions.


In the same location was the Urban Seed [ ] Ponics Lab, where an aquaponics system was on display showing how food can be more nutritious and sustainable by using fish.  So interesting…  


Those photos are from a hydroponic set up at one of our favorite restaurants, Caseus, on their roof.  B and I got to tour it last summer when they first installed the system and it is pretty cool!

What a fun event!  I can’t believe I’ve never attended this before…I’ll definitely be back! Do you have any local art fairs in your town?

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