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Yoga with Cats and the Infinite AppleTV Photo

It is HOT here in Connecticut.  The heat index was 103 in New Haven when I got home, so the sled pushes that were scheduled at CFM tonight were not happening in my book.  Instead, I decided to come home and do some yoga.  My legs were still sore from Monday’s lunge steps (those things are no joke!) and the stretching was definitely needed.

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

So here’s my problem with doing yoga at home.  Cats.  I LOVE my cats…they are basically my children and anyone who has met them knows they are spoiled rotten.  But this doesn’t come in handy when you’re trying to relax and get some yoga in!  Cleo and Neala find it fascinating when I’m on the floor.  They feel the need to walk through my legs, roll around, you name it!  

Oh hi Mom, can I do yoga with you?

Oh hi Mom, can I do yoga with you?

Yeah it makes getting into Warrior II or cobra pose a little awkward when there is a cat on your mat…

Just chillin'

Just chillin’

Cleo also joined us for yoga, but it took a lot out of him and he took a nap right quick…complete with drool.



When I’m doing yoga at home I use the Yoda Studio app on my phone.  It’s pretty cool because you can either customize your practice or use one of their pre-defined classes. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


I’ve made a few of my own classes and also used some ove the pre-made ones and each time I’ve followed them on the small screen of my phone.  Well tonight I noticed that I could watch it on my Apple TV…say what?!?  Apparently there is a mirroring feature on AirPlay so I could view the entire practice on my TV…awesome!


But here’s the cooler thing about mirroring with your phone… infinite photos!  

And it goes on and on and on and on...

And it goes on and on and on and on…

Yes, I’m a nerd and I got a total kick out of this!  I finished my yoga class on the much bigger screen and now I’m super psyched about being able to have this option.  So even though I didn’t get my usual kick ass Thursday CrossFit workout in, I had a night of balance and fun with my cats.   Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that 🙂 

How do you change up your exercise routine in extreme heat?  Do your cats love yoga like mine do? 

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