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That Day I Quit My Job

There are things that you just don’t do in life and quitting a good job is definitely one of them.  Well today I did just that.  I quit my job.  

I have always envied those people who had the guts to take a risk and follow their dreams. Those people who seem to be happy to get up and do whatever it is they do.  Those who feel fulfillment in a job well done or even smile over a simple cup of coffee.  It has been a LONG time since I have felt any of these emotions and it was time for that to change.  

I have never talked much about my “real job” on my blogs because basically I’ve been unhappy for quite some time.  I have been working for a small, non-profit association for 5 1/2 years and the second half of my career there as been less than inspiring.  There have been some great moments and experiences, but overall I have been stuck in a rut with nowhere to grow.


So I today I took that leap of faith and left my comfort zone.  I am both excited and terrified…but more excited.  I have SO many plans and so many goals for where I want to go with my future.  I feel like this is the time where I have the opportunity to follow my dreams, pursue my passion and really make a difference.  But most of all I am looking forward to being happy and to smiling every day.  We all deserve to smile every day.  🙂

I gave four weeks notice to properly transition my position and not leave my company in a lurch.  I have put in too much time and care too much about the association to just up and leave.  But as you can imagine, there is part of me that just wants to be done.  I’ve made this decision and I just want to move forward…I can’t wait to explore my passions and share my dreams with the world.  

I think it was only fitting that I saw this poem from franki elliot today that expressed exactly how I’ve been feeling…

it’s easy (almost cowardly)
to be a grump.  to complain
about everything and be negative.

it’s harder (and much more admirable)
to wear a smile all the time, 
to be happy and laughing constantly,
to find grace and tiny bits of joy
in any situation…

and it is those who laugh & smile
all the time that are most
worth being around.  never stopsmiling.

*franki elliot

I never want to stop smiling…I hope you don’t either 🙂

Have you ever made a BIG life change?  Have you ever quit your job?

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Well That Was Pretty Awesome!

I went to CrossFit today less than enthused due to some tight hips, sore ankles and an overall feeling of lethargy due to the mass quantities of bad (but oh so good) food I have consumed over the past few days.  Little did I know that I would be working out right next to one of the fittest women in the world, Kaleena Ladeairous.

Now I’ve known that Kaleena works out at my gym because the owner is her trainer, but I haven’t had the privilege to see her work out in person.  I had watched her place 3rd at the CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals back in May and then cheered her on at the CrossFit Games a few months later, but watching her close up was damn impressive.   



Besides being thoroughly impressed by her continuous string of muscle ups (something I don’t think I will EVER be able to do), I was actually fascinated to see her struggle.  Ok, not in a malicious way, like “hey I like to see people go through hard times” but in a motivating way.  I might never be able to do the workouts that these elite athletes do, but to see that it’s not easy for them is kind of nice.  I go to CrossFit multiple times a week, put in 110% of my effort and many times I am brought to my knees by a workout that I thought would be easy for me.  I leave defeated and questioning my abilities.  But knowing that even the best of the best have those same struggles, yet keep moving forward towards their goals, makes me feel even stronger.     

And here is why CrossFit is awesome.  I can’t keep up with the fasted runners or have the skill to even practice with professional athletes.  But with CrossFit, I can put in the work side by side the fittest in the world and still just as strong and powerful as they are.  Yes I might not have the same amount of weight on the bar and I might not be able to row as fast, but I am doing the same movements and that is pretty rad!

So thanks Kaleena and thanks to all of the athletes who push themselves to the limit everyday.  You are inspiring people like me who love the sport and want to get in the best shape of our lives.  You challenge yourself and therefore encourage us to do the same.  Thanks for turning what I thought was going to be crappy workout today into and awesome experience!

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A Brief Encounter Leading to Inspiration


After a less than inspiring day at work last week, I got suited up in my workout clothes, ready to take on the day’s WOD.  I actually wasn’t looking forward to the WOD because it looked like a suckfest, but I was determined to struggle through it because I’m no longer taking the easy road.

Oh hello traffic accident that held me up for and extra 30 minutes on the way home and made me miss my CrossFit class…you are the suck!  This holiday traffic is the pits!  I didn’t know what to do with my evening, so I decided to head to the store to get something fresh and healthy for dinner to counterbalance my lack of exercise.

I walked around the store in a daze and frankly was kind of bummed from my lame day, until I heard “Hey Girl!”  I look up and it’s my friend Ali who I haven’t seen in almost 6 months.  She was these getting dinner with her daughter and it was such a pleasant surprise running into her.  This year Ali decided to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams. She has been a huge inspiration to me and I found my mood turned around just almost instantaneously.

As I drove home, I realized how lucky I am to have strong, supportive people in my life.  People who follow their heart and not the mainstream.  People who put their own happiness above all else.  People who believe in themselves and in others.  These people may think that they are only doing what is best for them, but in reality they are setting examples for those around them.  

One day I will take that leap of faith.  One day I will have the courage to follow what my heart is telling me to do.  But until that day, I will continue to be inspired by my friends and follow along in their inspirational journeys until I can begin my own.  The time is growing near…

Who or what inspires you? 

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Inspiration From An 8 Minute Plank

You read that title right…an 8 minute plank!

You know the plank right?  Probably the best exercise to strengthening your core, where you hold your body stiff as a board while either in a strict push-up position or on your forearms.  It looks easy, but once you start doing a plank you know how insanely hard they are!



So this brings me to tonight where I stood in awe and witnessed an 8-minute plank.  On my best day, I think the longest plank I’ve held is 1:30…not so impressive.  This was impressive.  But there are a few other reasons why this 8-minute plank was so incredible.

First, it followed a full CrossFit WOD.  This included 20 minutes of hang power snatch and power clean work building up to a 1 rep max and a 2 rep max respectively.  We then moved into 7 rounds of 10 deadlifts and 7 burpees….no big deal right?!?  Ugh!  We then rested for one minute and went into a plank hold for as long as we could.  You know how long I lasted?  30 seconds.  Seriously…30 seconds…fail.

This is me...

This is me…

Second, the woman who held this plank was 60 years old and she is seriously badass.  I first met Peggy early on into starting CrossFit and I have always been in awe of her positivity, determination and strength.  Earlier this year she broke her foot, but that didn’t stop her from still putting in the work at the gym.  I even saw her doing burpee box jumps with a boot on her foot…what?!?  I can’t do those on a good day!  Oh and don’t even get me started on how well she can climb a rope…sigh.    

So there she was after that insane workout, holding that plank.  We were all out of breath and spent as we put our weights away and there in the middle of the room was Peggy, holding that plank.  Our coach Gina got down and was encouraging her through it…counting down the minutes.  A group of us circled around and cheered her on.  The previous recored for the day was 7:35 at one of the morning classes, so Peggy set out for 8 minutes…and she got it!  I can’t remember the last time I felt that inspired.

When she got up, a group of us told her how amazing that was and how we could NEVER do that in our wildest dreams.  Ever humble, Peggy replied that she can’t lift like we can. And here is why I love CrossFit.  We all have our strengths and we all have our areas to improve, but we all see each others strengths as a way to make ourselves better. Peggy has the core strength.  Keira has mastered double unders.  Kat can out squat anyone.  Ari runs like the wind.  Ashley bangs out the pull-ups. And I can kick some ass on the Air Dyne.  We are all unique, yet inspire each other to be better everyday.  

I left today’s class with a HUGE smile on my face and I can’t help but thank Peggy for that. She proved that no matter what your age is, you can do whatever you set your mind to.  I can only hope to be that strong, both mentally and physically, for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me a day to always look back on when I’m down to lift me back up again…you rock!

What inspires you??

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Kona Kase: Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

I consider myself fairly active.  CrossFit, running, cat petting, it’s all requires me to properly fuel my body and I’m always looking for new products to try to see what works best for various activities. So when the folks over at Kona Kase offered me a chance to check out their July Kase, of course I said yes!


Kona Kase is a monthly subscription service brining a variety of nutritional products right to your home.  Founders Taylor and John have a mission at Kona Kase to inspire people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They started the company because they were bored with the same old energy bars day after day and wanted to find new nutrition options for their active lives.  So they went out in search of the best products out there and now want to share that with the world. Super cool!  

Let’s take a look inside July’s Kase:  



This month featured products from Gu, Luna and Kind.  Every Kase is different and you can see what has been sent in the past here.       

I use Gu gels for most of my long runs and I’ve pretty much stuck with the Chocolate Outrage flavor for the past year or so.  But I have to say, I’m getting a little bored with the flavor and the texture of the gels is sometimes hard to handle.  I was excited to see the Gu Chomps in this Kase to try for something different.  



I gave them a try on my run this past Sunday and I actually really liked them!  I had always been hesitant about chewy things, as I thought they would be difficult to get down, but these weren’t. They actually dissolved fairly quickly and the lemon flavor was a refreshing change from the thicker chocolate that I’m used to.  I probably wouldn’t have bought these on my own, but I’m glad I was able to give them a try.  That’s what makes Kona Kase so cool…I love trying new things!  

Each Kase not only includes fuel for your body, but there is also something inspiring to fuel the mind as well.  I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt. 


Want to get a Kona Kase delivered to your home?  Well the rad folks over at Kona Kase want to give YOU $5 off your first Kase!  Just use the code GIFTSUMMER when placing your order…it’s that easy!  Also make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some really inspiring photos and articles!

What is your favorite fuel?  What products would you like to try? 

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Full Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Kona Kase and did not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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