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Sunday Funday: 11/3/13

Gah it’s November!  I decided this weekend the I am not a fan of November 1st – March 16th and here are the reasons why:

  1. It’s cold.
  2. It’s dark.
  3. It snows.
  4. Socks are required.
  5. The Holidays (yeah yeah…ba humbug!)
  6. It snows.

During these months, Operation Hibernation goes into effect in my house and on the weekends we crank up the pellet stove and cuddle with cats.  Well, I guess it’s not all that bad 🙂


 Well it’s been a strange week around here, but thankfully I’m starting to feel better.  Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes…I seriously love you all and you have no idea what that means to me.  I also want to thank everyone who supported me at Barbells for Boobs last weekend!  It was an amazing event and I actually surprised myself with what I could do.  I’ll have a full recap up this week, but here’s a preview of my hotness…oh who am I kidding, more like awkward faces…


Besides fasting and lifting heavy things, here are a few other things that caught my eye this week…

Best Fitness Costume totally goes to this guy…

My best friend got a baby goat this week and I can’t deal with the cuteness! 

Oh and something that has made me cry laughing this week…Amy from The Ellen Degeneres Show going through haunted houses…amazing!

And really, always remember…don’t be a douche!

Always remember, laugh even when things feel crappy…they can only go up from here! xoxo 🙂

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Sunday Funday: 10/27/13

Today I am donning my pink Sparkle Athletic skirt and my pink Sparkly Soul headbands and going to lift some heavy weights all in the name of BOOBS!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see all of the fun photos from the event…you won’t want to miss it

Hope you’re having a great weekend…enjoy these laughs on your Sunday Funday!

Who wouldn’t want a duck slide in their life?? I know I need one!

Seriously, why do cats like to knock crap off tables?!?


Cats Knocking Sh*t OverKind of wish I had kids so I could do this…


This goat really needs a lozenge!!!

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Sunday Funday: 10/13/13

Oh hey there…this week seemed to have flown by.  Early mornings, long work days, blech. All of the things that could possibly bring you down.  But I found some fabulous things to get me through the week and seriously make me smile 🙂

This week I…

Ate my face off with no regards for the paleo challenge I’m participating in #paleofail #nocaloriesindisney


Can’t get enough of Edie Falco loving on an alpaca…this joy really solidifies the fact that I need one…B are you listening?!

Blessing of animals

Also I need some Red Pandas in my life…he just can’t deal with that pumpkin!

Felt a bit of shame living in CT and knowing that this happened on our local news channels…seriously, watch this…

Realized that I really need Steve to draw a cat for me…especially if it turns out like this…

Draw a Cat

And really how can you say no to these dance moves?!?

How did you celebrate your week?

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Sunday Funday: 9/29/13

Have you ever checked out?  Just completely disconnected and taken a day for yourself?  Well I did that yesterday and actually for much of this week.  Sometimes taking a break from all the chatter out there and simply hanging out with cats (yes I AM the crazy cat lady!) can be extremely therapeutic.  We can learn a lot from cats and how to live in the now.  I recently read a great blog post about doing just that and I put it into action…much needed!   

So beside that, This week I…

Decided it’s time to get an otter…

And a giraffe, but I would settle for visiting this giraffe hallway


Wish I had these crazy skills

Cat Jumping

Fell in love with Jimmy Fallon and his fabulousness…he seriously blew up the Internets this week with Justin Timberlake <3

And Joseph Gorden Levitt

And the Sesame Street cast!

Wondered where one begins and one ends…I love all things stubby!

Corgi and Pug

Have a great week!!

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Sunday Funday: 9/22/13

Wow this week flew by!  This Sunday calls for a whole lot of nothing with a side of cats on the couch.  I’m in desperate need of rest after a night out in NYC last night…I think I’m getting too old for that!

This week I…

Celebrated B’s birthday and our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We had an amazing dinner here:


Saw my favorite band Stereophonics for the first time in 5 years!


Woke up to this…


Realized I will never do muscle ups as well as this red panda.


Was introduced to Chuck Testa and will never look at animals the same way…NOPE!

Now know what the fox say…hmmmm

Hope you enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

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