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5 Years Ago Today…


I married my best friend. 

We had the PERFECT day.


I gained a HUGE new family.


I had a special dance with my Dad.


I smashed cake on B’s face.


We wore Mickey Ears.


We had saw the most beautiful sunset. 


We ate, drank and danced the night away!



We ended the night with a beach bonfire.


We realized how lucky we are to have amazing family and friends.


I never realized my life could get any better than that day, but 5 years later it just keeps getting better.  It is amazing how fast time goes by, and I still couldn’t be happier to be married to my best friend and the most wonderful man on the planet.  He continues to be my champion, my rock and my hero.  Yes, he drives me crazy sometimes and I know I sure drive him bonkers at times.  We’re not perfect, but we have found our perfection.  I can’t wait to see what the next 5, 10, 15, 20+ years have in store!

I love you B!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Whatever your excuse is…get over it and call that person who you haven’t talked to in a while.  Write a quick email to check in.  Send a text with a funny joke and a few emojis.  Sit down and write a heartfelt letter.  Whatever works for you and your relationship, just do it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


This past weekend I lost someone very dear to me.  She was my mentor, my truth-teller, my 2nd mother.  Lee Blumer was a New York City icon and I had the privilege of sitting by her side for 3+ years planning events at New York’s #1 nightclub, crobar.  We threw political fundraisers, concerts, giant cocktail parties, lavish dinners and more!  We worked hard and had a blast doing it.  She taught me to be true to myself, to stand up for my beliefs, follow my heart and how to throw a damn good event.  We often joked that we shared a brain.  She was the creative genius, the personality, and I was the number cruncher, the detail girl.  We worked so seamlessly together.  More importantly, she showed me how to love life and enjoy everything it has to offer.       

Lee and the Mermaids

After a 20 year battle with breast cancer, she couldn’t fight anymore and I had no idea.  I hadn’t picked up the phone in quite sometime to check in.  She was in my thoughts often, but I hadn’t made that extra effort.  I’ve been so wrapped up in my own life…travel, health problems, babies, job dissatisfaction…that I had forgotten about the people who matter. I had a ton of excuses and none of them matter.  I regret not taking the time to see how she was doing and tell her what she means to me.  To tell her that I finally decided to take the leap of faith and go out on my own…something I NEVER would’ve done without her. I’m sad I will never hear her laugh again or the pride in her voice when she talks about her son.  I will never again hear her views on life, love and politics.  


While life will never be the same, I am and will be forever grateful for having had that presence in my life.  That strong woman who stood by her convictions.  She had the BEST stories about creating Woodstock and working on some of the largest concerts and events over the decades.  She supported everyone without judgement and that is SO RARE in life.  If I can only be a fraction of the person Lee was, I will do great things.   

So do it before it’s to late.  Put your grudges aside and stop making excuses…reach out to those people that matter.  Tell them why you love them and what they mean to you. Support each other, be strong together.  Don’t have my regrets…I know I won’t have them again.

I implore everyone to read this great article on Lee from 2004 when we threw a huge election night party.  It’s a great look at the passion she had to make the world a better place.


I love you Lee and I miss you everyday.  Thank you for being the greatest influence anyone could hope for in their life. It was truly my privilege to know you and love you.

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So That’s It???

Friday I left a job after 5 and half years.  I did it with a clear head and no regrets.  It was the best decision for me.  It has caused me a ton of anxiety and honestly I still feel like I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.  This is an exciting new chapter, but I can help but be slightly sad.

I spent my last week cleaning my desk, tying up loose ends and getting as much detail together about upcoming projects as I could.


I tossed a giant garbage bin full of paper.  I tossed 5 years of work, of my life.  All of my things, reduced to one bag.


It didn’t seem real until the final few days….basically when the talking stopped.  Everyone was quiet around me, there was a lot of whispering.  I started feeling uncomfortable and I just wanted to leave.  I worked in a small 6 person office which made it even more awkward.  On Thursday, I cried as I said goodbye to my coworker who has been my partner these past 5 years.  She started about a month after me and she will be leaving a week after me.  We shared a brain and many laughs…that was hard.

On my last day, I was at my desk for 2 hours before anyone talked to me and that was another coworker who I’m friendly with.  About an hour later, my manager came over hugged me goodbye and wished me well.  Told me to keep in touch.  It felt genuine, but that’s what you say, right?

It’s no secret that I have had a strained relationship with our CEO ever since she came on board 3 years ago.  We never saw eye to eye and to say she is lacking in integrity is an understatement.  That is what ultimately led to my decision to leave.  You can only work for someone like that for so long before it really begins to take a toll on your own integrity. I’ve always enjoyed the work I’ve done, our Board of Directors and our members.  I would’ve loved to help grow the Association even more, we do great work, but when you see that bad decisions are being made and your work is not being represented appropriately or valued…it’s time to move on.

I’m sure she was happy to see me go.  No one to challenge her anymore, no one to see through her.  This was clear by how I was treated like a stranger in my final days.  Just a goodbye and a wave as I walked out the door.  No thank you, no lunch, no card.  5+ years of hard work and dedication reduced to a smile and a wave.  That was it…  I didn’t expect much, but I couldn’t help but feel horrible as I walked out the door.  I came home and felt sad on a day I should be celebrating my new life.  

But all can be cured with good people, good food and a lot of laughs ๐Ÿ™‚  B took me out to our favorite restaurant Caseus where I had the most delicious Stonington scallops followed by lemon cheesecake.  



Then some good friends came over and we drank a lot of wine and watched funny videos until 3 am.  I even got congratulatory flowers!


And that’s what life is really about.  Not the people who bring you down, but the people who lift you up.  The experiences that make you smile, make you feel good.  I’m proud of the work that I’ve done, but those last few days really made it clear that I was not meant to be there anymore.  While I’m still a little sad, I know that will all go away next week when I can really focus on me.  On what I want to do.  How lucky am I?  No room for sadness here…good riddance.   

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