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Listening to My Body – Hydration

It’s easy to give other people advice.  Don’t eat those artificial foods!  Make sure to stretch before AND after exercise!  Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep!  STAY HYDRATED!  But listening to my own advice and my body’s warning signs seems to be a difficult task.

I thought that I’ve been pretty careful about staying hydrated and fueling these past few weeks…hmmm maybe not.  Today I woke up with the same headache that I had when I went to bed last night . But on top of that, I felt slightly dizzy, lightheaded and my fingertips were very dry.  I also still felt incredibly tired after having just slept for 8 hours and I was very thirsty.

Fitbit Flex Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Flex Sleep Tracker

Now I’ve been drinking close to 100 oz of water a day for the past few weeks because it’s been so hot, which I thought was plenty, but I think that on days that I’m exercising that might not be enough.  I sweat A LOT…I mean A LOT!  I am often sweating buckets after a warm up while other people still look refreshed and clean.  Lovely.  Add in the heat and humidity I’m just a hot mess….literally.  Knowing this, should I have been drinking more than 100 oz?    

Water Water Water!

Water Water Water!

Earlier this week I was drinking coconut water prior to my workouts in an attempt for better hydration and to get natural electrolytes in my system.  Coconut water is said to have four times the amount of potassium as a banana and easy to digest carbohydrates, so obviously many athletes swear by it.  I’m really not fond of the taste of coconut water, so it was a bit of a struggle to get it down, but I did it to help with my hydration.  But maybe I should’ve been drinking it post-workout instead of beforehand to replenish my system.           

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Well obviously I’ve been doing something wrong after waking up feeling like I was in a daze.  Also, during the WOD yesterday, I had a HORRIBLE cramp on my left calf that stopped me in my tracks while running.  This has never happened to me before, not even during my marathon!  So clearly I was/am dehydrated, but I’m also wondering if I haven’t been providing my system with enough fuel to get through tough workouts in extreme heat.  For the past month, I’ve really been focusing on clean eating and avoiding grains, dairy and sugar to help with my colitis, and thankfully it’s been working wonders!  However, because of this I’m thinking I’m not getting enough carbohydrates to fuel my exercise, which is leading to dehydration and exhaustion.  Hmmm….always a dilemma.    

I’ve been trying to avoid sports drinks for hydration because it is full of sugar and artificial ingredients that I’ve been trying to avoid, but today I broke down and got some Gatorade.  


Almost immediately, I started feeling better.  My energy was restored!  Instead of wanting to take a nap, I wanted to head to the gym to workout! (I decided to skip class tonight due to my dizziness.)  Maybe there is something to be said about these highly artificial sports drinks.  Even though the ingredients aren’t the best for you, when your body is craving hydration, electrolytes and sodium, this seems to be the best way to replenish your system.  

Looking back on the past week or so, there were warning signs of my imminent dehydration, but I chose to ignore them and keep pushing myself.  This is par for the course for me…I tend to have difficulty finding my limits.  Only child issues at their finest 🙂  

So the goal for the next few days is fluids, fluids, fluids!  I’m going to take tomorrow off from exercise as well and hopefully get myself back to normal for a kickass WOD on Friday. 

Do you listen to your body or ignore the warning signs of a problem?

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Settling the Sand

I love the Saturday morning Yoga class that I found at Ganga Flow Yoga in Milford.  The instructor Stacy is not only a great teacher, but she always begins and ends the class with some words of wisdom to reflect on throughout the practice.  Today was about settling the sand…  


Emotions are powerful.  They can dictate our mood and behavior.  So why is it that we put so much energy into negative emotions like anger, fear and anxiety while pushing the positive emotions of love, happiness and amusement to the wayside?  We dwell on these things, let them bring us down, let them effect out health.  Something I know all too well. Not good…  

Stacy had us look at all of these emotions and experiences in our life as grains of sand. There can be so many emotions swirling around chaotically like waves crashing in on the beach.


As the waves hit he beach, it is full of sand and foam making things look murky.  


But then the sand begins to settle and the water gets clearer.


We need to settle our sand, our emotions, and let the water clear.  We can easily become overwhelmed with the negative and forget to see all of the beauty and joy that surrounds us everyday.  Stacy emphasized the importance of taking time throughout the day to pause, reflect, and settle that sand.  All the emotions, both negative and positive, are beneficial and make up who we are.  We just can’t let one or the other overwhelm us because the entire picture is quite beautiful.         


I needed this today since my sand has seemed like it’s been in a hurricane lately.  I found that centering my mind and body with a yoga class like this has already begun to help me find more calm in other areas of my life.  These small tools, like settling the sand, are a great way to bring perspective to tough situations at home, work, school, you name it! The sand won’t always be settled and the water won’t always be clear, but at least I can figure out a way to get back there.

How do you settle your sand? 

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