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Events at Days 2 & 3 of the 2014 CrossFit Games Northeast Regional

The CrossFit Games Regional competitions are a grueling experience.  I know how tired and sore I get from just one WOD in a day…I can’t imagine doing multiple ones back to back over 3 days!  That’s why these athletes are so amazing to watch.  Their strength and stamina is very impressive.


So after an exciting first day, we got up bright and early to arrive in time to watch the Teams compete and cheer for Team CrossFit Milford A!  Events 4 & 5 were back to back and consisted of 50 thrusters, 10-14ft. rope climbs, 40 thrusters, 8-14ft. rope climbs, 30 thrusters, 6-14 ft. rope climbs to be completed in a 10 minute time cap.  In event 4, the women competed with 95 pounds on the bar and the men competed in event 5 with 135 pounds on the bar.  The bar couldn’t touch the ground once a set was started, which made for some interesting pass offs between partners.


Katie, Liz & Carolyn  of CrossFit Milford A – Event 4 Thrusters


Katie of CrossFit Milford A – Event 4 Rope Climb


Matt & Ryan of CrossFit Milford A – Event 5 Thrusters

CFM did awesome in these events with the ladies finishing in 5th and the men in 13th. They seemed pretty stoked with their performance 🙂

Katie, Liz & Ryan of CrossFit Milford A

Carolyn, Katie, Liz & Ryan of CrossFit Milford A

So if those 2 events didn’t wreck their shoulders enough, event 6 was going to be a true test of upper body strength. This was a relay with all team members doing 9-6-3 reps of strict handstand pushups, hang power cleans (160# for men and 110# for women) and over the bar burpees.  It’s an interesting event because the cleans and the burpees and easy for these athletes, but the strict handstand pushups are where the separation occurs.

This is also where one of my favorite events of the day occurred.  Daniel of CrossFit Lindy was so enthusiastically cheering on his girlfriend Ricklynn in her last round of burpees that you can even see one of the coaches laughing…it was great!


CrossFit Lindy – Event 6 Burpees


Matt of CrossFit Milford A – Event 6 Hang Power Cleans


Liz of CrossFit Milford A – Event 6 Handstand Pushups


Katie of CrossFit Milford A – Event 6 Hang Power Cleans

Another kickass performance from CFM coming in 5th for this event!

We hung around for the rest of the day checking out the vendors, tailgating (a story for another day) and watching the individual men and women compete in events 4 and 5. Similar to event 6 for the teams, event 4 was 21-15-9-6-3 reps of strict handstand pushups, front squats (195# for men and 125# for women) and over the bar burpees. Event 5 was interesting consisting of 10 rounds of 1 legless rope climb followed by a 200-foot sprint.      

One of the highlights was during event 5 of the men’s competition.  All of the competitors that had finished went to cheer on the final athlete who was struggling with the rope climb.  They even ran with him to the finish!  This is what the CrossFit community is all about!    



Big thanks to my friend Arie for capturing how impressed we all were with this!


The third day of competition is always the most exciting.  The top heats are competing for those top 3 spots to go to the Games and it is tense!  We were ready…to cheer that is 🙂


The teams kicked off the morning again with a crazy pairs WOD!  Male/female pairs had to move through stations of 500-meter row while partner completes 125 double-unders (each), 50 deadlifts while partner holds barbell at the waist (275# for men & 185# for women), and 50 toes-to-bars while partner hangs.  The partners couldn’t move on to the next station until the pair before them were finished.  There was a lot going on here! 


Team CFM on Deadlifts and Row/Double Unders


Team CFM on all 3 stations


Team CFM finishing up Deadlifts


8th Place Finish Group Hug

The final event was a quick one.  Each team member had to complete 49 pull-ups followed by 7 overhead squats at 185# for men and 115# for women.  It was a speedy culmination to a grueling weekend!



Team CFM finished 5th in the event and 5th overall for the weekend.  It was so impressive to see these people who I see every week at my gym give it their all and finish so strong! Big group hug 🙂


We stuck around to watch the final women compete before making the drive home.  This is where we saw one of the most performances of the weekend.  Kaleena Laderious, also a CFM athlete, who had been struggling throughout the weekend kicked some major ass in event 6.  I had been excited to see this event since it was probably the most difficult of all the WODs.  

Event 6 was a 50-calorie row, 50 box jump overs at 24 in. for men & 18 in. for women, 50 deadlifts at 180# for men & 120# for women, 50 wall-ball shots at 20# for men & 14# for women, 50 ring dips, 50 wall-ball shots at 20# for men & 14# for women, 50 deadlifts at 180# for men & 120# for women, 50 box jump overs at 24 in. for men & 18 in. for women, 50-calorie rowwith a 21 minute time cap. WHOA.

There weren’t any women in all of the regional competitions that actually finished this event, but Kaleena came close getting to 27 calories of the final row.  Endurance events are her strength and she sure showed it here.


Close up of Kaleena’s screen


Kaleena killing that row!

The men and women finished the day with a similar event to the teams, but instead had 64 pull-up and 8 overhead squats at 205# for men and 135# for women.  The top male finished this WOD in 1:38…insane!

What a fun weekend!  These athletes truly inspired me to be a better athlete as well.  The next day I went to the gym and switched my membership from 3 days per week to unlimited.  My goal is to go 4-5 days a week and get in shape from my upcoming event…the Disney Fit Challenge in September!

What was your favorite event during the 2014 CrossFit Games Regionals?

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My First CrossFit Weightlifting Clinic!

Last weekend I attended my 2nd CrossFit clinic.  The first was on pull-ups and double unders…two things I’m horrible at.  I learned a lot of tips to improve my skills, but I’m still a ways off from mastering them.  This time the clinic was on two olympic weightlifting moved…the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  FUN!

When I first started CrossFit I hated lifting weights.  The repetition was SO BORING!  What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t challenging myself and once I started doing that, everything changed.  Now all I want to do is lift heavy things!  So when I heard there was a Ladies Only weightlifting clinic being held at my gym…I immediately signed up.

We started by going over the game plan for the day from our rad coaches Gina and Amanda.  We did a quick warm up and then moved right into the Snatch practice.         



This is a VERY challenging move.  You need to go from the ground to overhead in one explosive movement.  This is all while having your hands very wide on the bar, which (at least for me) isn’t the most comfortable position.  We went through numerous drills on positioning and ways to improve balance and posture in the lift.  Super helpful!   

In a full snatch, you land in an overhead squat position and then stand.  Here is a good breakdown of the movement:

My overhead squats are not the best as my hip mobility is lacking, but I’ve been able to get a few of these at a light weight.  During the clinic I focused mainly in Power Snatches, which is landing in a quarter squat position.  It’s not as techcnical, but allows you to get good practice with the lift.  




The coolest part of the day was that the coaches were able to film us using Coach’s Eye.  I have to say I was a bit weary about the recording at first, but after seeing that my technique wasn’t all that bad…it was awesome!  Here I am at 65 pounds:

Plus the app allows you to watch in slow motion, frame-by-frame, and use drawing tools to see how your body is aligned.  I think I need this!

We kept practicing and building.  I only got to 75 pounds which was my 1 rep max going in…plus it took me 3 tries to get it!  For some reason I have a mental block with this lift and fail when I go to drop under the bar.  I have a lot of practice here for sure. 

Next we moved onto the Clean & Jerk…one of my favorite moves.  For some reason, I always feel strong with this move and it’s always fun to throw around a lot of weight over head.  Remember when I did Barbells for Boobs??

Unlike the Snatch where you go from ground to overhead in one movement, the Clean & Jerk is two movements…the Clean and the Jerk.  Here’s another fun tutorial:

Again, in a full Clean you land in a squat position, but ultimately the end goal is to get the bar overhead, so Power Cleans work as well.  I prefer Power Cleans anyway because I lose my balance in with Squat Cleans…again, more work to be done there.  

We moved through the practice and drills fairly quickly with this movement, focusing most on the landing position of the Split Jerk.  This position can feel unstable if your legs aren’t wide enough and your balance is off.  Oh and look…here I am again.  This time with 85 pounds.

I built up to 95 pounds and was about to go for 100 but we ran out of time.  

We all sat and reviewed the videos to see where we could improve.  I got a great idea about what I’m doing well, what I need to work on and how to get there.  Super excited!  It was so helpful to get this individualized feedback plus have a lot of fun with some great women.  Like the first clinic it was full of laughs and jokes only the females understand 🙂

Have you ever tried weightlifting?

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Why I’m Not Participating In The CrossFit Open

Ahhh The Open. An event where everyone in the world has the ability to compete against the fittest in the world for a spot in the CrossFit Games. Yes, only about 1% of participants will make it to the Games, but it’s a great way to test your skill levels.  I had actually been looking forward to The Open since last year, especially after going to the Northeast Regionals.  But when the time came to register, I knew I still wasn’t ready…

If you aren’t familiar with The Open, it is a worldwide event that, according to the CrossFit website, is when “everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time.”  From The Open, the top athletes and teams advance on to the Regional competitions, and from there The Games.  It’s exciting to follow and looks even more exciting to participate in.  So why didn’t I?

There are a few basic movements that have been in all previous WODs (workout of the day) that I still am not able to do.  These include: Toes to Bar, Double Unders, Pull Ups & Muscle Ups.  To me it was not worth fumbling through these workouts and getting frustrated by not being able to do these moves.  Plus I’m not really at the top of my game at the moment, so why risk an injury trying to prove something that I know deep down I can’t complete.  I know, I know…it about being part of the community and testing your limit, but this year just didn’t feel right for me.  

Once the WODs started coming out, I knew I had made the right decision.  14.1 was announced last week:


Oh hi there double unders.  Maybe I would’ve been able to complete 30 of them in the 10 minutes, but I would’ve been cursing my way through that whole thing.  55# snatches sound like a breeze, but those DUs…nope!  Best case scenario, my score would be 45 reps in 10 min.  Compare that to the leader, Sam Briggs, at 472.  Now I know I’m no Sam Briggs, but this wouldn’t have been a good confidence booster.

Now 14.2:


While overhead squats are not a strong movement for me I can get through them, but then there are pull-ups…once again, nope!  My score for 14.2 would be a solid 10 reps.

So instead of being frustrated, I rather watch, cheer and get motivated to improve my skills for next year.  My goal for this year are pull ups and double unders.  I want to be able to string at least a few of these together.  Hey now I have an event bigger goal to get these mastered by September…the Disney Fit Challenge!  

Are you participating in the CrossFit Open?  What movements do you have trouble with?

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CrossFit is coming to Disney with the Disney Fit Challenge!


I am SO excited about the new announcement from Disney Sports today!  It’s like my worlds are colliding!

This September Disney Sports is partnering with I AM CrossFit to put on the very first Disney Fit Challenge!  This will be a three-day event taking place September 26-28 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex where athletes will compete in various fitness challenges…basically, an awesome CrossFit competition!  

Anyone will be able to register for this competition and divisions will be based on age and skill level.  The first two days of competition will be open to all athletes who will test their abilities in various abilities such as, box jumps, kettle bell swings, squats and more.  More advanced athletes will compete in muscle-ups and double unders…you know, all the things I just can’t do.  The third day will be the final competition for the top athletes.

If you’re not into competition, all spectators are welcome to cheer on the athletes.  Sometimes that’s more fun than actually competing!  There will also be a Health & Fitness Expo featuring the latest fitness apparel and products.  

Registration opens on March 18th for athletes and spectators.  Event details and registration information will be available on approximately one week before registration opens.

As a CrossFitter and a Disney lover, this is GREAT news!!  Now the big question is to compete or to not compete…what to do?!?!

Are you excited about the Disney Fit Challenge?  Are you thinking about competing? 


Here is official press release from Disney Sports:

Jump, Squat and Press! Disney Fit Challenge Lunges into Competitive Fitness at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Inaugural event at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex open to elite, intermediate and recreational participants; Three-day event will test competitors’ speed, strength, endurance, balance and power; Registration opens March 18th

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (March 6, 2014) — The sport of competitive fitness, which is growing rapidly nationally and internationally, is coming to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort, the site of the inaugural Disney Fit Challenge this September.

Disney Fit Challenge will be a three-day event (Sept 26-28) involving athletes competing in different fitness challenges that test a participant’s speed, strength, skill, endurance, balance and power.  Challenges are designed based on age and skill level with more experienced athletes competing in movements such as muscle-ups and double-unders while recreational participants compete in movements that may include box jumps, kettle bell swings, push-ups, squats and broad jumps. Competitors with the highest scores in their division and age group from the first two days advance to the final day of competition. 

A Health & Fitness Expo will feature the latest fitness merchandise, products and apparel during the competition.

“Competitive fitness is one of the fastest growing sports domestically and internationally with hundreds of thousands of competitors with more and more getting involved every day,’’ said Mike Millay, Director of Sports Development for Disney Sports. “We have uniquely designed the Disney Fit Challenge so that there are a variety of skill levels and age groups which will allow every competitor to test their true fitness abilities while also having plenty of fun, and then celebrate their achievements with a family vacation at Walt Disney World Resort.’’

Disney Sports is collaborating with I AM CrossFit, one of the leading competitive fitness organizations in the Southeast, on the staging of Disney Fit Challenge. The event is the first of its kind held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which hosts more than 350 sports events each year, and builds on the complex’s wide variety of athletic events geared towards athletes of all ages and abilities.

Registration opens March 18, with competition slated for indoor and outdoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Daily admission for spectators is $16.50 for adults and $11.50 for children and can be purchased at the sports complex box office.

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Well That Was Pretty Awesome!

I went to CrossFit today less than enthused due to some tight hips, sore ankles and an overall feeling of lethargy due to the mass quantities of bad (but oh so good) food I have consumed over the past few days.  Little did I know that I would be working out right next to one of the fittest women in the world, Kaleena Ladeairous.

Now I’ve known that Kaleena works out at my gym because the owner is her trainer, but I haven’t had the privilege to see her work out in person.  I had watched her place 3rd at the CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals back in May and then cheered her on at the CrossFit Games a few months later, but watching her close up was damn impressive.   



Besides being thoroughly impressed by her continuous string of muscle ups (something I don’t think I will EVER be able to do), I was actually fascinated to see her struggle.  Ok, not in a malicious way, like “hey I like to see people go through hard times” but in a motivating way.  I might never be able to do the workouts that these elite athletes do, but to see that it’s not easy for them is kind of nice.  I go to CrossFit multiple times a week, put in 110% of my effort and many times I am brought to my knees by a workout that I thought would be easy for me.  I leave defeated and questioning my abilities.  But knowing that even the best of the best have those same struggles, yet keep moving forward towards their goals, makes me feel even stronger.     

And here is why CrossFit is awesome.  I can’t keep up with the fasted runners or have the skill to even practice with professional athletes.  But with CrossFit, I can put in the work side by side the fittest in the world and still just as strong and powerful as they are.  Yes I might not have the same amount of weight on the bar and I might not be able to row as fast, but I am doing the same movements and that is pretty rad!

So thanks Kaleena and thanks to all of the athletes who push themselves to the limit everyday.  You are inspiring people like me who love the sport and want to get in the best shape of our lives.  You challenge yourself and therefore encourage us to do the same.  Thanks for turning what I thought was going to be crappy workout today into and awesome experience!

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